Low Alcohol Pack

Low Alcohol Pack

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Looking for a low alcohol, low calorie option? Our Bobber and new Micro Saison Daybreak are the perfect choice!

Choose between:

6 pack of Bobber and Daybreak:

- 3 x Bobber Micro IPA

- 3 x Daybreak Micro Saison

24 Pack of Bobber and Daybreak:

- 12 x Bobber Micro IPA

- 12 Daybreak Micro Saison

Bobber Micro IPA

Bursting with orange, tangerine and notes of peach from a boatload of hops, Bobber is deceptively full-flavoured. Clocking in at only 2.5% ABV and with only 100 calories per can, Bobber is a responsible choice without sacrificing any flavour.

2.5% ABV, 10 IBU, 473 mL can

Day Break Micro Saison

Clocking in at just 2% ABV, Daybreak is a responsible choice without losing out on flavour. With a dry finish, hints of lemony coriander and a light white pepper bite, this micro saison is majorly refreshing. Great on its own or as a palate cleansing table beer. Daybreak pairs beautifully with mussels to help with your New Year’s resolution.

2% ABV, 10 IBU, 473 mL can

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